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This is a difficult time for the world, and a hard time for us explorers. Due to the impact of the Coronavirus, your travel plans may have been cancelled, you may have had to postpone the trip you were looking forward to, and even your daily expeditions have been limited. If you're anything like us, you're used to spending your days adventuring and now you're stuck at home wondering what future explorations will look like. Staying closer to home will be the most sensible option.

But keeping in our local area certainly doesn’t have to be a boring option. All you need is a Mini Adventure.

Here’s why……

You can travel through time. History comes alive when you visit historic landmarks and there’s so much history to be seen on a Mini Adventure.

Every Mini Adventure is different, there’s 18 to choose from and every adventure has its own story.

You’ll move around, burning calories and spending the whole day in the sun – hopefully!

You can go whenever. Unlike an in-person guided tour, it’s impossible to be late for a Mini Adventure. Whether you’re an early bird, night owl or an after-lunch type of person, they can be done at your leisure.

Your children, teenagers, husband (whoever you take along) will spend the whole time off their phone, apart from indulging in selfies. Some may frown upon your selfies and selfie sticks but those skills will help you complete fun photo challenges along the way.

A Mini Adventure has twists and turns which take you to every interesting nook and cranny within walking distance. A great way to discover even a city you thought you knew well.

You can indulge in arts and culture. Explore the best museums and art galleries after the adventure as many locations boast awesome museums for you to visit.

There’s no time limit so you can stop for a coffee, lunch or shopping break whenever you want.

Interact with the world. As a traveller you see the world but on a Mini Adventure you interact with your surroundings.

Foreign cities without foreign languages or with foreign languages – you choose. All our Mini Adventures are in Slovene or English with an Easier English version in some locations for those who want to learn English in a fun way. We also have German versions available.

They are totally family friendly. Bring the whole family including the dog. The kids (big and small) will adore being adventurers.

There’s treasure up for grabs at the end of every Mini Adventure.

Most importantly you're going to spend an unforgettable activity with your family and friends making memories.


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