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Novo Mesto - The Stashed Spell

Imagine discovering a spell that had been hidden away for centuries. This is what has happened in Novo mesto and now the town needs help from curious adventurers.

This quest is the perfect way to get to know one of the most beautiful towns in the Dolenjska region.

Novo Mesto is a town of two halves: the Old Town, perched on a rocky headland with the Krka River surrounding its toe-like shape, and a new town which prospers from two major companies, one that makes pharmaceuticals and chemicals and another that manufactures Renault cars.

Novo Mesto is a charming town with plenty of historical sights to explore and clues to seek out. The Church of St Leonard, built in 1472, houses a library with 12,000 volumes. The Kandijski Bridge offers a stunning view of the old town. The Breg area, built in the 18th century when the former city walls were demolished. Situated on a rocky peninsula overlooking the Krka River, the houses along here used to be occupied by less affluent townspeople. They were built leaning against the remains of the city walls which are still preserved and visible in the walls of the basements. Steps lead down to the river where there are vegetable gardens tended by residents and a popular walking path. Nearby is the Dolenjska Museum, well worth a visit while you are in Novo Mesto. A steep path leads up from Breg to the Chapter Church of St Nicholas, the most important and visible landmark of the town. Don't miss the clues hiding at the Chapter Church of St Nicholas, which houses a famous altarpiece by J.R. Tintoretto.


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