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Murska Sobota - The Pursuit of Everlasting Youth

Imagine creating a youth-preserving potion, only for it to be lost! A couple in Murska Sobota faces this nightmare.

Can you or someone you know assist in their search?

Murska Sobota was part of Hungary until 1918 and takes its name from the Hungarian Muraszombat, szombat meaning Saturday. This refers to the weekly markets and fairs that were held in the town, on Saturdays.

 This Mini Adventure is perfect for four-legged friends as part of it is set in the City Park, which is an English-style landscaped park with a pond and a playground, should you need a break from exploring. In the centre of the park is Sobota Castle. It's an impressive 16th century building that houses the award-winning Murska Sobota Regional Museum. From here an avenue lined with 200-year-old trees leads to the Evangelical Church.

The mission then brings you on to the mighty Victory Monument, and then into the heart of the town and to the market area which has seen traders come and go for many, many years.

With Mini Adventures you can enjoy exploring Murska Sobota like never before.


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