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Our Story...

We are Hayley and Tamara, the Master Authors of Mini Adventures! It’s us that conjures up exciting quests for you, your family and friends, for you all to discover beautiful Slovenia and beyond.


We just love the fact that our product gets people out and about enjoying the fresh air, exploring new places and experiencing quality time together away from a screen or device.

We pride ourselves on our creative thinking and attention to detail, but a healthy dose of humour means we don't take ourselves too seriously!

Hayley already had the clue-hunting bug when she moved to Slovenia in 2017 having been a franchisee for the UK's leading treasure hunt company in the not so distant past. Her experience in this field in England and her insights as a foreigner to the wonders of Slovenia really help make Mini Adventures a top outdoor exploring activity.

When she is not out on the hunt for more exciting Mini Adventures or dispatching all the awesome adventures, Hayley loves cooking for friends, walking in the lovely countryside where she lives, and renovating old furniture. She is also trying to improve her Slovene! 

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Tamara’s positive energy, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit is a great asset to Mini Adventures.

She is a top tester and has a great eye for detail. She’s out and about often, either scouting out future Mini Adventure locations or testing ones that Hayley has written. So, if you see her around with pen and paper in hand, looking intensely at plaques and statues, be sure to say hello!

Tamara is a big fan of handball and can be found cheering on her local team every weekend during the season. She also loves the sea.

We hope you have as much fun discovering new places with Mini Adventures as we do creating them for you!

Thanks for your interest in us and your support - Happy Adventuring!

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