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We recently visited Kranj, the fourth largest city in Slovenia - although the people of Kranj and Celje do dispute which city is in third and fourth place! Known as the Capital of the Alps, it’s the oldest settlement in Slovenia with 6,000 years of continuous inhabitation!

We were there to test the Kranj Mini Adventure to make sure all the clues were still ok.

Hard at work!

It was my second visit, and Tamara’s first time to the historic centre. We were both pleasantly surprised for different reasons. My first time around had been a damp early spring day and although the features of the town are still amazing in this climate, I have to say they look so much better in the summer sunshine. Tamara was well impressed at the many lovely old buildings and history. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t visited the town before.

What a difference it makes when the sun shines!

And that’s the beauty of our Mini Adventures. They really do unexpectedly open your eyes to new places. They really give you the feel of a place and immerse you in its past. They bring a town to life in a way that’s not only enjoyable but educational too. Maybe don’t tell the kids that bit though, when you suggest going on a Mini Adventure!

It was a hot day and a cool down was needed

What do you need to know about Kranj?

It’s famous for its association with Slovenia's finest poet France Prešeren who amongst other works, wrote the Slovenian national anthem. Kranj has become a keeper of his memory as he spent his final days there. There are many buildings associated with his time in the city and visitors get to see the great man himself in the form of a giant statue which is in front of the theatre, named in his honour. Other great men from Kranj include the Baroque painter Leopold Layer (who features as the star of our Mini Adventure story), you can visit the house he once lived and worked in which is now a cultural centre.

The centre is perched on a rocky edge, the canyon below is the second largest in Europe. The old town itself sits between the rivers Sava and Kokra and is a relatively small area, measuring only 1km by 250m. It packs a lot into such a small space and has more than enough landmarks and points of interest to fill many an hour. Rich in culture and packed with interesting historical buildings it is the perfect destination for our Mini Adventure.

The town is set against a stunning back drop

What do you need to know about the Kranj Mini Adventure?

Our Kranj Mini Adventure is a fun and totally unique way to explore, in your own time at your own pace. It leads you from the most southwesterly point of the medieval town centre, at the City Defence Tower on Pungert where there's a fabulous viewpoint of the canyon and Kokra river below. Meandering through the pedestrianised streets you will come across clues, taking in sights such as the Plečnik Arcades and fountain, designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik in the 50's. You'll visit the grounds of Khislstein Castle. The castle houses exhibitions of the Gorenjska Museum, which is well worth a visit after you've completed the adventure. Kranj is also home to one of the most spectacular Gothic churches in Slovenia, St Cantianius Church situated in the Main Square. Here you will also find the Town Hall which dates back to the 16th century and the Ossuary, an archaeological site of skeletal remains.

Have we piqued your interest? Why not try the Kranj, In Search of Still Life Mini Adventure for yourself and your loved ones? You can check it out here.


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