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From time to time we all feel temporarily down. The beginning of a new year, trying to repair the overindulgence at Christmas and the miserable weather are a couple of triggers for us here at Mini Adventures. It could be that you’re having a bad day or someone has put you in a terrible mood - it’s perfectly normal to need cheering up now and again.


The main thing to do is think about what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter how silly or simple it seems! If it makes you feel good make sure you do it when you’re feeling low.

So, if you need to brighten up your day, here are some of our suggestions to put a smile back on your face again and lift your spirits. Believe it or not, a Mini Adventure experience can take care of the last five things on the list.

· Ask for a hug.

· Listen to music from your youth.

· Get a good night’s sleep or squeeze in a cheeky nap.

· Reach out to an old friend or someone you’ve not spoken to in a while.

· Compliment someone and yourself.

· Plan a trip – you don’t even have to take it. The anticipation and planning will make you


· Choose to be grateful for what you have not what you wish you had.

· Listen to the birds.

· Unfollow someone negative on Facebook.

· Dance like no one is watching (might be best to actually make sure no one is watching first!)

· Exercise.

· Tidy a room (or even a cupboard or draw will do) in your home.

· Search for ‘funny cat’ videos on YouTube.

· Help someone.

· Get outside and take in the fresh air.

· Learn something new – it could be as simple as learning the meaning of a new word.

· Visit somewhere new.

· Spend time with friends and family.


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