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You’re all set for a day of adventuring – Mini Adventuring of course! But what should you take with you to make your time out as successful as possible? You don’t want to be without the essentials, but you also don’t need to be overloaded with unnecessary items either. Here we give you our top tips on what you should take with you on a Mini Adventure. And we put it to you that taking a picnic along makes for an even more awesome day, especially if you are feeling apprehensive about going to bars or restaurants at the moment. Look out for next week’s blog when we’ll recommend some fabulous international recipes for you to try out for your next family picnic.

Choosing the best Mini Adventure bag and what to fill it with!

A Mini Adventure comes in its own handy cotton bag which is great for the kids to carry round with them, it totally makes them feel in charge of the game. And whilst you can put a few of the smaller items below in the adventure bag for them to cart around, you will need another bag too, for such things as:

- Wallet/purse

- Hand sanitiser

- Sun protection

- Sunglasses and hats

- Tissues and wet wipes

- Medication and first aid stuff (insect repellent, plasters, ibuprofen etc.)

- Spare clothes or bathing clothes and towels if heading to a location where you can go swimming after

- Snacks and water or picnic stuff

So, a backpack is probably the obvious choice as it’s practical for carrying heavier loads and is super comfortable as it has double handles which support the bag when the wearer wears it on one or both shoulders.

But you can use a messenger bag (sometimes known as a courier bag or satchel) which is rectangular in shape. A messenger bag is good as it has a strap which is attached to both ends of the bag with which it is worn over one shoulder so it’s quick and easy to access your stuff inside it. Plus, it’s more stylish than a backpack.

Alternatively, you can take a tote which is a large, double handled bag with an open top. It has two straps. A tote bag is large so can carry anything and perfect for carrying bulky lighter items like towels and swimwear.

Another option is a hobo bag, which again is a large bag, crescent in shape which sits on the shoulder. It has a main compartment closure and is made of soft, flexible material which slumps or slouches when set down. A hobo bag can be used when you need to pack lots of things for occasions so is perfect for sports outings, a beach party or in our case, going on a day trip.

What we tend to do for is put the majority of things in a backpack for hubby to carry and then load the rest in something more stylish like a messenger bag or crossover style handbag for the more fashion-conscious lady of the family! 😉

It’s best to pack your bag the night before and ensure your phone is full charged then too. Please make sure you adhere to any government restrictions currently in place due to the coronavirus pandemic and take anything related to this you may need. We also suggest that you check over the instructions in the pack and investigate where you are going to park so when the time comes to leave for your awesome Mini Adventure you are ready and all you have to do is look forward to the great time you are going to have as a family.

Don’t miss next week’s blog when we make some delicious picnic suggestions. 😋


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