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Mini Adventures – A Great Learning Experience for Foreign Language Students

It will soon be back to school time. Hopefully a time when, after all that’s befallen us this year, some normality can finally return to our lives.

During lockdown there’s been occasions when we, as parents, have become the teachers. It’s been an arduous task and we don’t know about you but has made us appreciate teachers more than before. But, perhaps with the run up to the start of a new school year you’re starting to think that some areas of your child’s studying over the last four months need a brush up.

If the learning of a foreign language is one of them, we have put together why doing a Mini Adventure as a family will help your child brush up on their language skills.

There’s Multiple Language Options

Our Mini Adventures come in many languages. Our Easier English option is aimed at foreign speakers of English and for students of English, at a Beginner-Intermediate level (A2-B1 level). The normal English version is a more advanced, written by a native Brit. Some destinations have a German and Croatian option too.

The kids won’t even realise they are learning new words and brushing up on forgotten ones as they become immersed into completing their Mini Adventure mission.

With 19 locations to discover, they’re a unique and fun way not only to explore a new place but to improve language skills too.

Not only do they improve language abilities but the clues that need to be worked out require skills such as logic, problem solving and maths.

Learn the Language Alongside Them

There’s no better encouragement to a child than to see their parents participating in their learning. As a Mini Adventure is a family friendly activity, it’s the perfect educational and fun way to spend time together. It may even help you remember some of your English or German too. The likelihood is if you’re engaged in and enjoying something, they’ll want to be as well.

Encourage Them to Teach You

It may be that some of the words or phrases in a Mini Adventure are not even familiar to you. What a boost to a child to be able to teach their parent new words. Kids want to show off how well they are doing. Or if you have to use Google translate, then learning a new word as a family is something pretty special.

Change the language in their phone

Not only do you have lots of clues to solve whilst you explore, there’s fun challenges to complete along the way. You’ll want to get your phone out doing the adventure as some of them include taking selfies. And, of course, you’ll want to take lots of photos of your trip.

Why not, if your child has their own phone, change the language on it to the foreign language they’re learning. Whenever they try to do something on their mobile, they can learn new words. If they don’t have their own phone yet, change the language on yours and let them play around with it for a while.

Are you ready to take on a foreign language challenge with your family? Head over to our store and grab your next family educational experience today.


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