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Katja Breznik and her partner very kindly sent us this account on their Mini Adventure experience.

About a month ago we went on an adventure – a Mini Adventure! We received a cute package that contained everything we needed for a Mini Adventure in Ptuj.

We chose Ptuj because it’s a place that we hardly know even though it’s close to us. We are vloggers - KAM NA ZMENEK (which in English is Where to go on a date) – so we decided to video our adventure as well.

We went on a Sunday afternoon, the weather was really favourable, before us was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Ideal for exploring. We parked easily and had a look at the adventure map to see where to start our mission.

We chose the Minorite Monastery to begin with, so the first clue was waiting for us there. We quickly fell into the role of adventurers and began to look for clues, successfully solving them. Each clue we solved, made us so happy as if we were children again receiving a gift from Santa. Andrej, my partner was like a big kid!

The adventure led us along the beautiful Drava River, through the streets and up to the castle - the clue on the way there was the most amusing one for us.

The view from the castle is fantastic. We then made our way back to the city centre and solved more clues.

Along the way, people stopped us, asking what we are doing and commenting on what an interesting map we had! It really is unique and interesting.

In between, we got hungry and smell of pizza was really tempting, but we couldn't resist solving all the clues first.

When we solved the last clue, we couldn't wait to see whether we were had solved all the clues correctly.

We realized that we had solved all the clues by successfully inputting the code to unlock the treasure, we felt as if we had run a marathon. We were so thrilled!

In a good two hours we walked around the majority of the city, laughed, competed, had immense fun and above all got to know the city of Ptuj in an extremely interesting way.

All in all, a great date and next time we will invite another couple to go with us and explore Bled.

You can check out our Mini Adventure in Ptuj for yourself here.


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