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We received a great review recently from a guy saying that the Mini Adventure he recently took part in made him feel like a child again. Of course, this was in a good way – not the throwing a tantrum, sucking his thumb kind of way!

It got us thinking and we came across this quote from George Bernard Shaw (great Irish playwright, amongst other things, 26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950). “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Allowing the child inside of you to run wild for a while can be really good for you. We may have to be grown-up most of the time, but we should allow ourselves that escape from adult responsibilities from time to time. Because, let’s face it, being

an adult can be pretty boring!

If you need any persuading to ditch adulthood for a bit, here are 7 incentives to why you should;

1. Reduces stress - One of the greatest benefits of acting like a child is that it provides stress relief. We tend to lead busier and more demanding lives than ever. What a great way to relieve some of those strains by doing something childlike. It could be a simple thing like doodling, dancing or having a sing-a-long. Or perhaps make a point of playing with your kids when you get home from work, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

2. It’s Fun – What could be more fun than doing something mad and silly, even if it’s just at home and just with the kids? Our favourite childhood memories are of those of messing about with our parents, having a laugh. Your kids will get even more enjoyment out of you acting childish than you will.

3. Revitalising – Age can be a state of mind. If you think that you’re getting old, then old is exactly what you’ll act like. Enjoying some childlike activities can be a great way to help feel younger again.

4. For Energy - Children have boundless energy. Unfortunately, we tend to spend a lot of time being inactive, which isn’t good for our health and fitness. Taking part in some active pastimes will help keep us fit and increase our energy levels. So, take the dog for a run or play games with your kids in the park. Or even better still, go out on a Mini Adventure this weekend.

5. Gives Understanding - It’s not easy to understand how the mind of a child works. Perhaps we are sometimes unsympathetic when what seems a small thing to us is a big deal to our children. Putting yourself into their mindset and acting like a kid can help remind you how they view life and give you an appreciation of their concerns.

6. Reduces complications - Another great thing about getting in touch with our inner child is that it allows us to enjoy the simplicity of childhood once again. As adults, we can complicate things! Children see things in very simple terms, and by following their example we can embrace a little of that simplicity.

7. Helps increase our self-consciousness - Kids are not naturally self-conscious; they are taught to become that way by experience. Think about how many times you have avoided doing something because of what someone might say, or through fear that you might look silly. Children don’t worry about that. So be like them, and just go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing.

Hopefully, we will have encouraged you to stay young at heart. And don’t forget that adults who laugh a lot and smile look younger. Fun and laughter can lighten the load, grow older if you must – but never grow up!


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