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We've put together the most common questions we get asked.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I order?

Go to the shop and check out the choice of amazing places you can visit. The shop pages have all the information you need to decide which Mini Adventure would be best for you and your gang. Select your language and type of adventure (standard or personalised), then place and pay for your order. Your Mini Adventure will arrive in the post and then you're good to go! All you have to decide is when you're going and who you're going to take! It's that simple! There are no restrictions - you can do it whenever you like (although darkness is not recommended).

What's in the Mini Adventures Pack?

Your pack comes in a handy cotton bag and has everything you need to go on your exciting quest. An A3 double-sided sheet contains your mission in the form of a story, easy to read map with clues and clue markers and clear instrucions. We even include the answers - sealed in an envelope so you're not too tempted to cheat! The pack also includes your 'Seekers Dossier' containing details of our Seekers, with special collectible character badges for you and your fellow adventurers to adopt for the mission. There's treasure to unlock at the end too. Every possible answer on a Mini Adventure has a code number. Solve all the clues, eliminating the wrong items and at the end you'll be left with the solution to your mission, with a special code. This code unlocks the 'mini padlock' loaded with 'lucky' Seeker charms.

How long does it take to do a Mini Adventure?

Our Mini Adventures are between 1.5 amd 6 km long, and depending on your pace can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Each Mini Adventure description in the shop provides you with more detailed information.

How much time should I allow from purchasing a Mini Adventure to actually doing one?

We recommend that you don't buy a Mini Adventure too far in advance - up to a couple of months. Whilst we do our utmost to ensure the clues we create will be permanent, they do sometimes have to be updated. We'd hate for your Mini Adventure to become unsolvable because you have an older version.

Is a Mini Adventure suitable as a gift?

Absolutely! A Mini Adventure makes the perfect gift and we even offer a personalised option to make the day out even more special.

How many people can go on a Mini Adventure and what ages are they suitable for?

Our Mini Adventures have been created for between 2 and 6 people. Anyone can go on a Mini Adventure. We recommend ages from 5 to 85!


*in the form of our Mini Adventures in Nature Scavenger Hunt


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