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Škofja Loka is not a destination that will immediately come up on search engines if you search for places to visit in Slovenia. More well-known destinations at the coast or lakes vie for top positions and cities such as Ljubljana, Maribor or Celje attract the most visitors. Not that this shouldn't be the case. It's just that the smaller and sometimes more authentic towns get overlooked.

Last month Škofja Loka was one of our best-selling Mini Adventures. Odd, you may think – but not to us. You see, our outdoor exploring games are the perfect way to experience small, interesting towns like Škofja Loka.

Locals call it a medieval beauty and it’s easy to see why. It has one of the best-preserved town centres in Slovenia and was proclaimed a cultural monument in 1987. The town is perfectly placed on river terraces and has the Škofja Loka Hills surrounding it, which themselves are worth a venture into.

The narrow alleys, interesting town squares and impressive bridges overlooking the scenic Sora River make the perfect setting for a Mini Adventure. There are clues galore to seek out on interesting buildings and landmarks. Loka Castle stands above the town complementing the green scenery of the hills and forests behind it and is one of the highlights of our Mini Adventure. As too, is the walk down to the Puštal area of the town and to the wooden footbridge over Poljanska Sora called the Devil’s Footbridge. It’s the setting of the story which accompanies our Mini Adventure in Škofja Loka. It got its name after many encounters with the devil occurred there, or so the locals say. In order to deter him, they put chapels on both sides of the footbridge. But it only lasted for a while as he was again seen in the middle of the footbridge. They erected another chapel in the middle of the footbridge too. It is dedicated to St. Janez Nepomuk (the protector of bridges). That seemed to do the trick, unless of course you see him when you visit!

Škofja Loka is also home to the world-renowned Passion Play which is the oldest play in Slovenia. The play is a folk play performed as a procession which takes place in the streets of the town’s medieval centre during Lent and Easter involving more than 900 local performers. It’s based on the ancient works of a Capuchin monk and demonstrates 20 scenes of the stations of the cross and others from the Old Testament and New Testament. Performed in the dialect of the time it was written, the play takes place at a series of locations. In addition to the actors, 400 other volunteers from the community participate in the play’s production. Due to the enormity of the play it is only put on every six years, the next one being performed in 2027.

But we whole heartedly recommend a visit to Škofja Loka and experience for yourselves what fun and happy memories can be had in this delightful town.


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